Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

To hire from us we need to know who you are. 

This means we need a passport or driving licence and proofs of your address. For new customers we will need to keep your passport until the kit comes back, plus payment upfront. We also need proof of insurance which you can find out about hereWe take extra care to make sure we put all the bits in the box before we send it out, so if anything is missing then let us know as soon as you open the box, not 3 days later!

By agreeing to hire from Feral Equipment you are entering a binding contract and you accept the Terms & Conditions of hireThese basically say that as soon as the kit leaves our office you are responsible for it until it comes back. If it comes back with anything missing or broken you have to pay for it. If kit is out of service because of damage on your shoot, you will be responsible for paying the daily rate until it comes back, also known as continuing hire charges.

This is why technical hired-in equipment insurance with continuing hire cover is so important, because you do not want to have to pay for that yourself.

If you have been filming in Mudtown, Sludgeville then please clean it before you return it, or our kit room gnomes will get very upset, and it's just polite, really.

Thanks and happy filming.




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