DSLR cage kit


Daily Rate: £35 Weekly Rate: £140

We love this cage kit. Built to our own specs, it's indispensible for DSLR shooting. Ask around. We're not the only ones who rate it.
Secure a DSLR on the snap plate, and you're immediately 15mm mounted, with Ronford bars and grips and a shoulder pad.

An HDMI port saver frame means you're not going to break those delicate little connectors and lose your feed and
3/8" and 1/4" accessory holes all over the frame let you bolt all of your bits on, and off you go.

Check out our power distros in the accessories section for even more Feral-spec goodness.


PLEASE NOTE: This kit is the cage, bars & grip set up only and does not include any electrical accessories.

DSLR Cage Assembly (including...)
Manfrotto Snap Plate
1/4" Camera Screw
3/8" Camera Screw
Cage Top Handle
2 x Handle Screws
4 x 15mm Bars tightening screws
HDMI Port Saver Support
2 x HDMI Port Saver Support Screws
HDMI Port Saver
Base Plate Riser
1/4" Camera Screw
2 x 12" - 15mm bars
2 x 7" - 15mm bars
2 x 3.5" - 15mm bars
4mm Allen Key
3mm Allen Key
2.5mm Allen Key
Shoulder Mount Assembly (including...)
2 x 7" - 15mm bars
Shoulder Pad
Z Riser
Ronford Handheld Crossbar
2 x Ronford Pistol Grips (+ foam)
2 x Ronford Pistol Grips Ends


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