Arri FF4


Arri's solid industry standard follow-focus unit: 15mm or 19mm adaptable.

Double-sided, supplied with 5 gear size options, 3 focus marking discs,
speed crank handle and flex extension - all the stuff you'd expect from a pro unit. 

Arri ff4 follow focus 15mm
Support Bar Screw
Arri BA-2 19mm adapter
Arri 13.5" flex extension w/ grip disk
Focus level
Focus knob right
Focus knob Left
Extension for focus knob
3 x white marking disks
Micro peli 1020 (clear)
Lens gear 6mm/78/0.5
Lens gear 6mm/64/0.6
Lens gear 6mm/64/0.8
Lens gear 6mm/43/0.8
Lens gear 25mm/35/0.8
Allen key
Allen screw

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