Preston Single Channel


Preston Single Channel remote follow focus unit. Iris/ focus switchable.

The hand unit has controls for the focus iris and zoom functions for the camera assistant. Additionally, the hand unit uses a microwave transmitter with a long range antenna allowing the operator control over the lens and camera functions without needing to be tethered to the camera.

Common uses for the Preston system include remote camera placements, such as on a crane or for stunts, and also for use on the Steadicam.

One way transceiver Model 1342
V+F Lens/Iris Control V3228
PCS Digital Motor
2 x Lens Gears 4356
6 x White Plastic Focus Rings 
Mounting bracket for 15/19mm Bars with red screw 
Digital Motor Bracket 
19mm - 15mm Sleeve 
3/8" Male - 1/4" Male 
ZUD 3/8 16  
3/8- 1/4 Screw Adapter 
Allen Key 
Motor Cable, right angle Lemo 24" 4641
Arri Preston MDR Power, 2pin  Lemo 4411
Anton Bauer to V*F 2 Pin Lemo Cable 
Arri Fisher 3 Pin  - 2 Pin Lemo Power 
Travel Charger BS5733
13amp plug attachment 
3 x NP-FM50 batteries
V-Lock with 4pin XLR (F) 
V-Lock Charger
3 x V-Lock Batteries 
Power cable 

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