TV Logic 5.6" monitor


We really like this versatile little monitor.

TVlogic VFM-056W high resolution 5.6" LCD field monitor with HD-SDI/ HDMI input.
Designed with the HDSLR user in mind but a great monitor across the board - popular focus puller's monitor. Is peaking cheating? You tell us.


TV Logic Monitor
Acrylic Screen
4 x Acrylic Screen screws
Battery Brackets (attached) c/w 4 x Screws
D Tap - 4 pin Rean
3 x Pin Lemo 0B - 4 pin Rean
2 x Pin Lemo 0B - 4 pin Rean
3 x Batteries DV-970
DV-970 Charger
Figure 8 Cable
TV-Logic AC Adapter
IEC / Kettle Cable
HDMI Cable A - A
2 x HDMI Cable A - mini C
BNC Cable 1.5m
BNC Cable  5m
BNC Skinny 1m
Plastic Tub
3 x BNC Right Angle Adaptor
3 x BNC - Phono (M) Adaptors
3 x BNC - Phono (F) Adaptors
3 x BNC Barrel
3 x T-Bar BNC Adaptors
Zacuto Noga Arm
Zacuto ZicroMount r w/ 1/4 inch screw
Zacuto Zicromount 3 w/ 1/4 inch screw
Manfrotto Nano Clamp 386B
1/4" Male to 3/8" Female adaptor
2 x 1/4" Female - 3/8" Male bush thread
Brass Spiggot
10 penny 3/8" to 1/4" adapter
Contents Sheets


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