Octodome 1kw Tungsten


Daily Rate: £60  Weekly Rate: £240

Dedolight DLH1000SPLUS 1Kw tungsten soft light head with dimmer and Octodome softbox.
This is a lovely big light, very soft, almost portrait-like, with minimal shadowing.

The softbox comes with three layers of diffusion, a boom arm for ease of movement, and a collar to stop light spill at the back.

Need an HMI Octodome?
Try our JokerBug 800w kit

Octodome - Black soft box
Octodome - Collar
8 x Rods
Octodome Head
Medium Interior Octo Diff
Large Exterior Octo Diff
Small Interior Octo Diff
8 x Interior Attached Strings
2 x Dedo Lights 1000W Tungsten Bulb
Tungsten Bulb Holder
DCH 1000 Plus Power Cable
Boom Arm
2 x Sandbags

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