Canon K35 Lenses [PL]

The Canon K35 Lenses were manufactured by Canon during the 1970’s & 80’s and won an Academy Award in 1976.

These lenses looked at many features sets, including “Alien”(1986) and “American Hustle” (2013).
Their look is often described as a little softer with less contrast than more modern lenses, but sharper with more contrast than more vintage lenses.

Feral’s set is a MKII set. Enjoy.

LENS       T       CF      FD 
14MM   T2.8   0.9FT  90MM (extra rentable)
18MM   T1.5    1FT      110MM
24MM   T1.5    1FT      80MM
35MM   T1.3    1FT      80MM
50MM   T1.3    2FT     80MM
85MM   T1.3    3FT     80MM