Zoom H4N Recorder

The Zoom H4N is a  versatile little thing – Not only does it have a superb stereo mic, it also has 2 XLR/jack sockets to plug in mics and line sources as well.

Ours comes with a furry windjammer so you can get good sound outside. If you want to use a shotgun mic then just plug it into the XLRs which have 48v phantom power & ‘bass cut’ for getting rid of wind & handling noise.

Great for separate sound for a Canon 5D Mark 2 or Canon 7D shoot.
This machine is a 4 track recorder as well so you can use both the onboard stereo mic and plug in two other mics or line sources, and record it all as 4 separate tracks.
Drag the files via USB from the recorder or pop the card and use our card reader…simple.