Schneider 138mm Diopters

Schneider 138mm Diopters are high-quality single element close-up lenses that require absolutely no exposure compensation.

Schneider 138mm Diopters are made from the finest optical glass. They feature Schneider’s hard, anti-reflective coating on both front and rear surfaces. This measurably reduces light loss and flare while helping to ensure proper color, contrast, and overall image quality.
Screw-on Schneider Diopters are supplied with brass mounting rings, while drop-in models feature rugged black anodized aluminum rings. Schneider Diopters are protected by a unique mounting technique which ensures superb structural integrity and consistent long-term performance, even in the harshest production environments.
Diopters are available in strengths of +1/2, +1.0, +2.0, +3.0. Diopters can increase the minimum working distance enabling closer focus from a greater working distance. Calculation of strength depends on focal length, focus setting, object distance, and size.

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