Arri LMB-15 Matte Box

Arri LMB-15 is a great choice if you’re after a lightweight clamp-on mattebox with support for 4×4″ & 4×5.6″ filters. The 4 x 5.65 horizontally oriented filter trays slide into heavy-duty machined guides with sweeping ease. The Arri LMB-15 can be quickly configured for two or three-stage capacity.

The LMB-15 is compatible with LMB-5 filter trays, clamp adapter backs and carbon fibre light shields. For greater flexibility, the new 130mm back also works with clamp-on rings from the MB-20 system. The LMB-15 accepts ENG lenses as wide as 3.9mm and has a quick-release removable sunshade for close-up applications. Finally, it’s compatible with lens fronts ranging from 80mm to 143mm.

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