Arri MFF1 Follow Focus Unit

Need some focusing help with your lightweight setup? The Arri MFF1 mini follow focus with LWS bridge for 15mm rails is probably the one for you then! The MFF1 is a lightweight, single-sided follow focus which is fully adjustable and allows the unit to be mounted to any camera system with 15 mm lightweight support rods. The Arii MFF1 can also be supported from 15 mm or 19 mm bridge-plates using standard adapters and has a handy quick release system which means that you don’t need to pull your rig apart to take it on and off. Our kit comes in a secure pelicase and with white marking discs.

This follow focus has been designed with documentary and single-operator shooting in mind and is flexible enough to work with almost any rig – give us a shout if you have any further questions!

Using a bigger kit? Take the Arri FF4 follow focus.

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Arri MFF-1 Specs

For 15mm bars
Unique space-saving snap-on bridge mechanism
Plunger mechanism that engages adjustable, hard stops for lenses with infinite rotation
Reversing feature for Nikon and Leica lenses
Compatible with Arri driver gears and knob accessories