ARRI 138mm Diopter Tray

Hire our 138mm Diopter Tray to use with our 138mm Schneider Diopters.

This Tray can be used at the back of any 4” x 5.65” clip-on matte box as an additional stage, or independently with a rear-mounted clamp adapter. Diopters up to +3 can be fitted. You can additionally use split diopters in this diopter tray, which can be adjusted with the integrated friction wheel. As with the diopter frame, a safety device and ¼” mounting threads are included.

Check out ARRI’s video here to see some more tech tips for assembling the 138mm Diopter Tray onto your camera set up.

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ARRI 138mm Diopter Tray Specs

138mm diopter mount for ARRI LMB-25 Matte Box or ARRI LMB-5 Clip-On Matte Box
Compatibility: 138MM Diopters (Up to +3)
Can be used on the back of a 4″x5.65″ matte box
Split diopters positions can be adjusted with a rotationwheel
Can take full or half diopters
Excellent for lightweight setups with use of diopters, for anamorphic lenses and lenses with short minimum focus