Directors Periscope

Have you ever wanted to use a focusing device to ensure your actor or interviewee is looking directly down the lens? Have you been frustrated with the complicated and heavy-duty grip commonly found on most focusing devices? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, we’ve got you covered. We created our very own Directors Periscope; a light-weight and easy to use alternative to traditional focusing devices.

The Directors Periscope is similar to an eye direct in that it uses a two-way internal mirror system to direct the eyeline of the subject during interviews. Our Directors’ Periscope however is lighter and easier to assemble; perfect for filmmakers on the go. The kit is so simple; no need to mess around with unnecessary mounting options, all you need to do is pop it onto 19mm bars and it’s ready to use!

The directors periscope is ideal for interviews, but can be used for any setup that requires focusing the eyeline of the subject down the lens of the camera.


Weight: 2.2Kg
Light Loss: ND .6 Equivalent
Widest Lens: 42mm on Super35 Sensor
Fits Ø 80 / 87 / 95 / 104 / 110 / 114 Front Diameter

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