Lens Adapters – E – PL/EF

Need to use EF or PL mounted lenses on your Sony E mounted camera? That’s no bother – just grab one of our selection of lens adapters and you are good to go. Below are the models that we stock:

Wooden Camera E mount – PL mount Pro:
E-Mount to PL Mount Pro is a shimmable Sony E-Mount to PL mount adapter that enables mounting of all PL mount lenses onto the Sony E mount cameras. The adapter is shimmable by loosening six socket cap screws around the collar area, separating the two sections, and adding colour coded shims of various thickness. Back focus should be checked. The mount includes a lens support ring and also includes a 1/4-20 support foot, that attaches to the bottom of the mount, with 1/4-20 threaded hole for attaching to a tripod, enabling it to eliminate strain on the camera. The lens adapter comes with a lens cap.

MTF PL – Sony E mount adapter:
The MTF  PL to Sony E Mount Adaptor allows you to connect PL lenses to Sony cameras. When attached to the lens, it adds a magnification factor of 1.11x. It is compatible with all the Sony E mounted cameras.

Metabones Canon EF Lens to Sony E Mount T Smart Adapter (Mark IV):
The Metabones E – EF lens adapter allows you to mount any EF lenses to Sony E mounted cameras. It supports image stabilisation lenses and can be combined with camera support sensor-shift, in-body stabilisation for even more stable shots. It offers smooth iris support with the latest Canon (2009+), Tamron (SP series 2013+) and Sigma (2016+) lenses and has a custom function button (called Focus Hold button) assignable to more than 50 functions, such as Aperture Preview and Eye-AF. The adapter comes with a detachable tripod foot, compatible with Arca Swiss, Markins and Photo Clam ball heads.

Our lens adapters are supplied with 15mm bars if needed.

Get one of these to use with out or our Sony A7s mk iii or Sony FX9

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