Preston Single Channel LCS

Preston – the king of wireless follow focus in the industry! If you want the best, look no further. The Preston Single Channel LCS wireless lens control is iris and focus switchable.

The hand unit has controls for the focus iris and zoom functions for the camera assistant. Additionally, the hand unit uses a microwave transmitter with a long range antenna allowing the operator control over the lens and camera functions without needing to be tethered to the camera.

Common uses for the Preston Single Channel LCS system include remote camera placements, such as on a crane or for stunts, and also for use on the Steadicam.

You might need some lenses to pull focus on with this. Take a look at our great PL prime lens range and get in touch if anything tickles your fancy.

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Preston LCS Wireless control Specs

V+F lens/iris control:
Size: 155mm x120mm x 71mm ( 6.7″ x 4.7″ x 2.8″ )
Weight: .66kg (24 oz)
Operating time: 8 hours
Battery type: 7.4V 1.6AH (FM50 enhanced type)
Charger: Sony BC-VM50 with US standard line plug. Operating voltage 100 240 VAC.
Charging time: 4.5 Hours
Antenna: integral type