Feral is now offering a one day Camera Operation course on how to prep a camera and accessories. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone lacking experience on set, and those looking to familiarise themselves with camera gear and technical details. You will be given hands on time with our cameras and accessories, and showcase what a day on set would be like for various crew members.

2 technicians will join you on the day, and go through the course as in the outlines below. There will be 2 teams made to work on 2 different setups, each person will have a specific task assigned.

Course Outline

  • How to safely build a camera from scratch
  • How to setup various accessories (monitors, follow focus, transmitters etc)
  • Going through settings of camera and menus
  • Camera team responsibilities presentation and discussing industry standards
  • Assigning camera crew roles and using equipment in 2 groups

Dates TBC between January – February 2019.

Get in touch now to register your interest!!