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Canon 514XL Super 8

The Canon 514XL camera provides the raw and unmistakable feel that accompanies the nostalgia of Super 8 filmmaking. We recognise the look of Super 8 footage in old home movies, indie documentaries and even splatter-house horror films. The Canon 514XL Super 8 camera has ASA settings in Tungsten (40, 160, 250) and Daylight (25, 100, 160). This camera can film at 9, 18 or even single frames per second and comes equipped with a 5x zoom, with macro function at the widest and tightest ends. Take it away and play, add some nostalgic chic to your project!

Please note that we don’t currently hold film stock in-house, but we recommend Gauge Film for all your stock / processing needs.

  • Canon 514XL
  • Shutter Release Cable
  • 2x AA Batteries, 2x Rechargeable AA Batteries
Sensor Size

Super 8

Frame Rates

9 – 18

Native ISO


Max Resolution


Weight (Body)


Dynamic Range