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Canon C500 Mark II

With advanced features such as 5.9K full-frame CMOS sensor, Cinema RAW Light and XF-AVC internal recording formats, Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, and much more, the Canon C500 Mark ii is an extremely versatile camera. The 5.9K full-frame CMOS sensor produces exceptional image quality with 15 stops of dynamic range and low noise, giving you more creative options in post-production. With Cinema RAW Light and XF-AVC internal recording formats, you have flexibility in choosing the recording format that suits your needs. 

The Canon C500 Mk2 comes equipped with Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, which provides fast and accurate autofocus, making it ideal for capturing moving subjects. You can choose between different autofocus modes and customise the settings to your liking.

  • Canon C500 MKII Body1 PL Mount
  • EF Mount
  • PL Mount
  • Full Frame Camera Co. Vlock Plate
  • Bright Tangerine Cage
  • 3x 512GB CFExpress B Cards, 1x 128GB SD Card and Blackjet CFExpress Type B Reader
  • 3x IDX IMicro98 Vlock Battery + Charger
  • 3x Canon BP-A60 Battery + Charger
  • IDX VL-DT1 Vlock DTap Charger


Sensor Size

Full Frame

Frame rates

12 – 120

Native ISO


Max Resolution


Weight (Body)


Dynamic Range

13.1 Stops