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Panasonic M5 VHS

Want to get that 80’s look? The Panasonic M5 VHS camera will give you just that.

Our Panasonic M5 comes with a V-lock power distro and has D-tap and USB out. Our kit also comes with a converter to HDMI, so you can use the M5 with an on-board TV Logic (or go wireless). We additionally supply two 90-minute tapes (included with the rental) for recording, and we stock blank Premium tapes as consumable items which can be purchased from our in-house store.

After shooting, your footage can be ingested at Feral to an upscale of 1080p (although for this you will need to provide your own harddrive to back up the footage).

  • Panasonic M5 VHS Camcorder
  • Dummy Battery with 2-pin Input
  • Composite – HDMI Adaptor Box
  • D-Tap to USB Adaptor
  • Video/Audio Phono Out Adaptor, 2x Twin Audio/Video Phono Cables, 1x M5 Original Audio/Video Phono Cable
  • 1x D-Tap 2-pin Lemo Cable, 1x D-Tap Splitter, 1x D-Tap Extension Cables
  • 2x HDMI Cable A-A
  • Phono – Male and Female BNC Adapters
  • 13A Dual USB Plug
  • Panasonic M5 Mains Power Adaptor
  • FX LION V-Lock Clip on Plate 
  • 2x Feral Standard VHS Tapes
  • Brand new VHS Tapes available on request.
Sensor Size

1/2 inch

Frame Rate


Native ISO


Max Resolution

Digitized at 1080p

Weight (Body)


Dynamic Range