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Canon 814 SUPER 8

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this vintage super 8 cine camera is for you. It produces high-quality videos with a nostalgic and quirky vibe. We’ve managed to keep this relic in great shape and is all set to kitted up and ready for your next project. The 814 provides both manual and automatic zoom capabilities, a range of frame rates to choose from, an easy-to-carry handle, and a classic pistol grip, along with automatic exposure.

Please note that we don’t currently hold film stock in-house, but we recommend Gauge Film for all your stock / processing needs.

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  • Canon 814
  • Shutter Release Cable
  • 2x AA Batteries, 2x Rechargeable AA Batteries
Sensor Size

Super 8

Frame Rates

12 – 24

Native ISO


Max Resolution


Weight (Body)


Dynamic Range