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Angenieux C-Mount Set

Introducing the Angenieux C-Mount Retro Primes, a unique and versatile set of cinema lenses that bring a vintage aesthetic and exceptional performance to your filmmaking endeavours, combining the classic charm of retro lenses with modern precision and optical quality. These lenses feature a C-Mount, making them compatible with a wide range of cameras, making them a good combination for our Sony RXO II and some of our custom built rigs. With their vintage-inspired design, these lenses produce a distinct visual character that adds depth and nostalgia to your footage. They also exhibit beautiful flares, subtle chromatic aberrations, and a unique bokeh, allowing you to create captivating visuals with a touch of cinematic magic.

The Angenieux C-Mount Retro Primes are crafted with durability in mind, ensuring reliability and consistent performance throughout your shoots. They are ideal for filmmakers who seek the aesthetics of retro lenses while demanding the optical excellence required for modern productions. Designed and built with precision optics, these lenses deliver outstanding image quality, capturing sharp details, vibrant colours, and excellent contrast. The manual focus and iris control rings offer precise and smooth adjustments, empowering you to achieve the desired depth of field and exposure.

  • Angenieux C-Mount Retro Primes 10mm F1.8
  • Angenieux C-Mount Retro Primes 15mm F1.3
  • Angenieux C-Mount Retro Primes 25mm F1.4

Close Focus: n/a
Coverage: Super 16
Front Diameter: 39mm
Weight: 0.17Kg


Close Focus: 10"
Coverage: Super 16
Front Diameter: 39mm
Weight: 0.20Kg


Close Focus: 18"
Coverage: Super 16
Front Diameter: 39mm
Weight: 0.13Kg