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Zeiss ZE 100mm F2 Macro Lens

Want to get out and shoot some tiny bugs or seriously dreamy close ups? Then you will need a macro lens and we have just the one for you. A super-fast macro lens, the Zeiss ZE 100mm macro lens T2 gives you all the benefits of macro with a long focal length and wide aperture, allowing you to create images of breathtaking closeness. Equally suited to long working distances as well, this lens also makes for a solid choice for portraits, creating an angle of view that’ll flatter your subject.

Boasting a sophisticated optical construction of 9 elements in 8 groups, the Zeiss ZE 100mm macro lens produces images that are sharp from corner to corner, whether you’re working right up close or out at a distance. Our version is EF mounted.

  • Zeiss Classic ZE Prime 100mm F/2 Macro

Close Focus: 18”
Coverage: Full Frame
Front Diameter: 67mm
Weight: 0.82kg