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Teradek Bolt 600 3RX

The Teradek Bolt Pro 600 uses a new RF design that extends the transmission range up to 600ft line of sight. The TX also includes 2 RP-SMA connections that can be outfitted with higher gain antennas to provide a more resilient wireless link over longer distances. Best of all, the 600 model includes both an HDMI and 3G-SDI input so you’ll be able to use it just about anywhere.

The new standard receiver for the Bolt Pro 600 is half the size and weight of the previous long range receiver and offers both HDMI and 3G-SDI outputs. The new fan-less chassis design also includes a built-in LCD for checking your wireless link status and pairing additional Bolt Pro receivers in the field. As an added benefi t, 5 RP-SMA connections are included so you can augment your system with high gain antennas for increased transmission resiliency.

The Bolt Pro 600 supports the GRAB video ingest engine, which turns the Bolt Pro receiver into the world’s first wireless video capture card. With both 3G-SDI and USB 3.0 outputs, users can ingest Bolt’s uncompressed 10bit RGB video feed directly into a DIT Cart, NLE computer or live production switcher with no added delay or further conversion required.

  • Bolt Pro 600 Transmitter
  • 3x Bolt Pro 600 Receiver
  • 5x Dtap – 2 Pin Lemo Power Cable, 3x Mains Unit – 2 Pin Lemo
  • 3x Curly BNC Cable, 2x 0.5m ‘Pinky Slinky’ BNC, 1x 1.5m BNC Cable
  •  1x 0.5m HDMI Cable, 1x 1m HDMI Cable



1x 3G-SDI


1x 3G-SDI