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X-Boxx 14v & 24v Blocks

This robust battery pack offers reliable and long-lasting power for your camera, with a High-Capacity design giving you the freedom to capture stunning shots without limitations. It also offers multiple outputs, including standard AC outlets, USB ports and DC outputs, providing versatile power options for a wide range of devices and accessories.

X-Boxx Block Batteries available in both 24v and 14v.

  • 3x X-Boxx Block Batteries
  • Charger
  • 1x Long and Short 3-Pin XLR Power Cables

Weight: 8.5Kg
Voltage: 15v
Capacity: 45.0Ah; 680Wh


Weight: 5.8kg
Voltage: 26v
Capacity: 26.2Ah; 680Wh