Need someone to operate our rigs for you; a camera operator, gimbal operator or general crew for your production? Get in touch with your crewing specifications now!

We have a team of technicians in-house including camera operators, lighting and camera assistants as well as a pool of external talent (DOP’s, gaffers, camera assistants and other industry professionals) to service your shoot. Our in-house technicians work full time on our kitroom floor and double-up on set as crew. As well as being enthusiastic and professional, they know our kit inside out. You can enquire about hiring one of our technicians to make sure your shoot runs as smoothly as possible by contacting us via telephone or email.

We also offer one-on-one training or group training sessions to anyone looking to hire our kit, including gimbal operator training. We will help test and trial any custom shots you might want on the day of your shoot to assist you with pre-visualising.

As well as providing you with the best kit and crew, our external aim is to champion up-and-coming talent in the film and tv industry. Check out our Instagram, YouTube and our Shot on Feral Kit pages to see more of our kit and crew in action!