Grip Cinematic Movement Course. Feral is now offering a one day courses on how to use grip gear to create cinematic movement! Gripheads come join!

2 technicians will join you on the day, which will be split into two parts. First half of the day will be covering the operation, setup and safety aspects of different pieces of grip. The second half will be using the grip to replicate unique cinematic movements that people can implement in their own work. Please note this course will not offer you any qualifications!

Course Outline

  • How to implement safety procedures with grip equipment.
  • Setting up different tripods
  • How to use a Rolling spider to add movement on a budget
  • How to set up sliders and skate plate
  • How to set up a basic dolly configurations
  • Building a Jib and what shots they’re right for
  • How to achieve a cost effective top shot
  • Operation and Practise time.
  • Combining different grip items to achieve cinematic movement


Items included:
Bazooka Dolly
Flatbed Dolly
Rolling Spider
Walter Klassen Rig
Birds Eye Rig
Dates TBC between January – February 2019
Get in touch now to register your interest!