Pags and Wedges

Shooting with a dolly on a mountain road or a terribly bumpy field? Getting cold during takes or shooting a period piece about the witch hunt craze? Use our Pags and Wedges for levelling out your dolly tracks or as kindling for making a fire! Wait, hold on, actually maybe… yeah, ok, ignore the bit about the fire! But our Pags and Wedges really are handy when it comes to getting the perfect flat track set up, giving you that extra bit of support where you need it. They can even be used to boost that actors height or to make a very low coffee table. Vampires can also be staked with them. The world is your oyster.

Our box of wedges comes with 30 large, 30 medium and 10 small pieces and a handy can of WD40 and our box of paginis comes with 7 flat, 7 single and 7 double pieces.

Definitely use these together with our track and the brilliant Prosup Flatbed Dolly!

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Pags and Wedges Specs

Box of paginis containing: 7 flat, 7 single and 7 double
Box of wedges containing: 30 large, 30 medium and 10 small