MOY to Bowl Adapter

It isn’t often that you head and legs don’t fit together but there is always that chance that you might be at odds and find yourself in a pickle, well step in the Ronford Baker Moy to bowl adapter! It does exactly what it says and will adapt your 100 or 150mm bowl head to your Moy legs so that you can get on with the job at hand. Made out of high tensile aluminium and only weighing in at 1.2kg, this won’t add much weight to your rig. It fits in safely and snuggly, making sure that your head and rig are as safe as can be so that you can worry about the other 100 million things on set. Get in touch now to add this to your upcoming kit list and find out about our other exciting grip equipment!

Looking for some super sturdy legs on which to use your head and adapter? Why not grab some of our Ronford Baker  short or tall Moy legs!

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Cinesaddle Specs

Fit: Moy/Mitchell to 100 or 150mm bowl
Made out of: high tensile aluminium
Weight: 1.2kg