Tilta Armor Man MKII

The Tilta Armor Man MKII works by transferring the weight of your gimbal set-up to your body’s core instead of your arms or back, making it the ideal support system for operating gimbal rigs.

The Tilta Armor Man MKII consists of two mechanical arms with shock-absorbing stabilised systems attached to the back of its adjustable vest. When engaged, the arms have two tension knobs which allow you to adjust for the weight of your gimbal/camera rig in addition to adjusting for your preferred operating style. The arms attach to the top bar of your gimbal through the cupport cups and if you have a ring-based gimbal, the Universal Gimbal Ring Adapters allow for an easy quick release solution to attach and detach the Armour Man’s arms.

The Tilta Armor Man MKII is the perfect way to ensure comfort and safety whilst operating a gimbal on set.

Check out this really great video which shows you exactly how to use the Armor Man.

The Tilta Armor Man pairs perfectly with our Ronin 2. Contact our bookings team for more information, and ask about coming in to test the kit with your gimbal set-up.

Armor Man MKII Specs

Material: Aluminium alloy, stainless steel, nylon
Weight of kit: 8.5kg Apx
Max payload: 19kg
Minimum Payload: 4.5kg
V-mount Plate
Supports Freefly MoVI and DJI Ronin
Kit comes with x2 Universal Gimbal Ring Adapters
Provides vertical stabilisation (similar to a steadicam arm)