Zacuto Handheld Rig

Out shooting documentary-style and need that hand-held stability? The the Zacuto Handheld rig is just the thing for you. With a dual grip shoulder mount, which is counterbalanced and can be used both offset or inline, the Zacuto handheld rig is compatible with most types of cameras. The shoulder rig is modular and very customisable so you can build it around the camera you are using, having it as big or small as you need it to be.

The dual handgrip system on the handheld rig is adjustable so that operating the shoulder mount is a breeze. And with the adjustable counterbalance, you will have very little arm/back fatigue from a full day of shooting. Another handy feature is that the mount can attach to your tripod plate, so you can rig it to your tripod too, doubling it up as a 15mm rail system.

The kit also comes with a top handle, a selection of bars and grips, side handles, inline and offset bars, two different base plates and two magic arm units.

Use this rig with any of our great range of cameras!

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Zacuto Handheld Rig Specs

15mm rail system
Modular design
Very customisable
Height-adjustable DSLR baseplate
Quick switching for tripod-mounted shots