Ronford Baker 3ft Slider [MOY]

There isn’t much out there to rival the Ronford Baker Sliders. With the best build around and uncompromising reliability, you know that you will be in good hands. And the Ronford Baker 3ft slider is no different. Grips the world around love it’ and we love it’ too!

A foot shorter than it’s 4ft companion, it, however lacks nothing in the workhorse department. This is an ultra high precision slider, CNC machined from high tensile aluminium and anodised to suit. With precision ground stainless steel runners and rollers, it has 360 degree lockable rotation and adjustable magnetic stops for that ‘slow stop’. It can take cameras on the heavier side, such as an Alexa Mini or Sony Venice and is designed for maximised carriage travel, with a minimum height of 4 ¾” (12 cm). It has a Mitchell (Moy) to Mitchell fitting, with an overall width of just 10″ (25 cm).

Ours comes with a selection of scaff supports and 2x Gitzo monopods. The kit does not include a tripod.

Need a tripod head for this? Check out what we have available!

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Ronford Baker 3ft Slider Specs

360 degree lockable rotation
‘Soft stop’ adjustable buffers or adjustable magnetic stops
‘Tritium’ spirit level
Moy/Mitchell fitting with tie down
Linear damper available