Stackable Apple Boxes

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can make or break a shoot and nothing can be as infuriating as not being able to height balance your gear for that particular shot. Hello, Apple Boxes! They may seem like a non-essential, but any industry grip will be able to tell you how many times their asses have been saved by them. Sometimes even just as a quick resting spot for a weary bum! You can use them to balance and support sliders, tripods, people, coffee (you might get shouted at though) or even a camera if needed – the list of uses is endless.

Our kit offers up nine stackable apple boxes of varying sizes – enough with which to build a fort in your spare time (joking, who has any of that)! Made out of durable wood with nifty in-built handles and with a non-slip rubber adhesive attached to the bottom, these make for the perfect grip accessory on any set. Make sure you don’t arrive on the day without them and add them to your list right away!

Pair these with any of our other grip accessories such as sliders and dollies for tracking.

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