E-Z Up Ezy up Shelter

Worried it’s going to rain? You must be in Britain. Take this E-Z Up Ezy up Shelter to protect your crew and equipment on set. Being outdoors on location always comes with its hazards and rain is an all too familiar one in this country! With the E-Z Up Ezy up Shelter, you can be sure that your most precious bits of kit can be kept dry out of the wind and it can double up as talent protection if needed!

The shelter is easy to erect, using pull out rings on the legs which release the catch and all you have to do is pull it up and out and click it into place. It is even easier to take down and won’t waste any precious time. We also supply all the relevant side panels and extra support needed so you can be sure to be fully protected. Get in touch now to ask us for more details about our Ezy Up and make sure you don’t get caught out on your next shoot!

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