Junior or Senior Magliner

Looking for a Magliner for your production, big or small? We have you covered! Both the Senior and Junior Magliner, made by Backstage, are the most widely used hand trucks in the film industry. Robust, stable and able to carry an extremely heavy load, these carts are a must have on any set, be it in the studio or on location. Mostly used for transporting kit or for storing batteries and lenses during a scene, it provides that easy-to-reach place for any number of can’t-do-without equipment. The Magliner is any camera operators best friend and not only because you can store you coffee on it (don’t do that though)!

Both the Senior and Junior Magliner is almost always used in the 4 wheel configuration, but can be quickly folded and disassembled for storage or transport. It has large (260mm diameter) standard Magliner pneumatic wheels and two medium (200mm diameter) braked pneumatic castors near the handle and each truck is fitted with two carpeted shelves. Brakes are fitted on both the back wheels for safety.

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Magliner Specs

Senior Magliner:
Shelf length (internal): 1255mm
Shelf width (internal): 600mm
Weight capacity: 362kg

Junior Magliner:
Shelf length (internal): 925mm
Shelf width (internal): 600mm
Weight capacity: 362kg