MOY Track

Moy dolly track is the perfect solution for getting those smooth tracking shots. By combining various track lengths together, custom track setups can be created and that perfect dolly shot across the beach or battle field can be easily achieved. 8ft,6ft,4ft,2ft? Whatever you might need, we got it. It is made to a standard width, making it compatible with most industry-standard dollies, such as the Prosup Flatbed Dolly, Ronford Baker Bazooka Dolly or Ronford Baker Rolling Spider Dolly.

Made by Dunton Cine Engineering out of stainless steel and with precision joints machined in-situ for smooth running, this track is both hardy and rust-resistant, making it perfect for outside use in any weather, as well as in the studio. No production is seen without these and they will always be a staple for the industry grip!

Use this together with any of our great Dollies.

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Moy Track Specs

Made from: stainless steel / aluminium extrusion
Gauge (centres of rails) 24.5 inches / 622 mm
Tube diameter: 1.5 inches / 38mm
2ft track weight: 8.9kg
4ft track weight: 14.6kg
6ft track weight: 20.3kg
8ft track weight: 26.2kg