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Prosup Flatbed Dolly

Camera dollies are often integral to productions and having one which can run both on tracks and on terrain is a bonus! The Prosup Flatbed Dolly does both of these things incredibly well and it has the added bonus of all being able to pack down into one single case. It has both the option of a locked upright dual handle or a moveable single handle with which you are able to steer the cart, making it incredibly easy to operate. Think of it as a very well made (and expensive) scooter for adults! You can also pretend you are bodyboarding when no waves are in sight – the uses are endless.

The dolly comes with 2 pre-mounted 100mm bowls for those low shots or you can secure a tripod with the tripod tie downs or a pedastal column via specially made adapters. The kit is supplied with track wheels and pneumatic wheels for those free-wheeling shots.

The original dolly size is 90x70cm (35.5×27.5″) and thus it clears any door opening.  The ingenious folding mechanism allows the dolly to minimise in size and to fit snuggly into a pelicase. Fully loaded and including the case the unit comes to over 40kg (90lbs) while the dolly itself weighs in with a mere 15kg (33lbs).

  • Flatbed Dolly Unit 
  • 4x Track Wheel Units 
  • 4x Black Rubber Wheels 




Max. Load Capacity


Adaptor Mount

2x 100mm Bowl