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RB Bazooka Dolly

Looking for the ultimate stable base and dolly combo? Then look no further! Any camera support can only be as strong and sturdy as its base, and the Ronford Baker Bazooka is as strong as it gets.

The Bazooka has an extremely rigid support platform with adjustable legs for levelling and has fixed or adjustable riser options. Incorporate the ‘T’ Section with the Bazooka System and you can convert the base into a dolly. Additionally, tools aren’t required to fit or adjust the bazooka, and all of the legs and ends are interchangeable. You can use up to three, 200 mm long sections on each leg or just use the ends. There‘s even a 100 mm section and hinge joint, making the combinations endless. The levelling jacks can easily be replaced by scaffold tubes and these are securely held by built-in clamps. Add our skate wheels to the base and you are ready to roll away!

The easily adjustable, highly durable and stainless-steel no rust qualities of the Ronford Baker Bazooka make this dolly perfect for shooting outdoors or indoors and with a maximum payload of 100kg, you can stick just about anything on it!

  • 1x Bazooka Riser 3-stage height
  • 1x Bazooka Riser 2-stage Height
  • 1x Bazooka Riser 1-stage Height
  • 1x Bazooka Riser 2/3-stage Height
  • 1x Bazooka Riser 1/2-Stage Height
  • Bazooka Base
  • Wooden Dolly Base
  • T Bazooka Joiner 
  • 4x Orange Skate Wheels
  • Trolley Wheels Connected to 9′ Scaff Poles 
Max. Load Capacity


Bazooka Risers Elements

100, 150, 200, 400, 800mm