Ronford Baker Tri-hat [MOY]

Need to get that super stable low angle shot but are stuck on the side of a rocky volcano? You better make sure you have a Ronford Baker Tri-Hat in your grip bag! This small but extremely invaluable guy is perfect for achieving stable, low camera angles no matter the terrain. The three adjustable scaffold legs allow for precise rigging on almost any surfaces and you are able to lock off at a variety of different angles. Think of it as a very flexible but strong as hell camping chair for your camera. Ronford Baker – the gift that keeps on giving (and making grips lives’ easier)!

The Ronford Baker Tri-hat is supplied with a MOY (Mitchell) base fitting, making it suitable for use with all sorts of heads, such as from the O’Connor range. The design also incorporates a spirit level to further enable precise positioning. Get in touch to add this to your kit list now!

Need a head to stick on this? Use it with an O’Connor 2065 or 2575D.

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Ronfrod Baker Tri-Hat Specs

Moy Fitting Tri Hat with 6 x 30cm Scaffold Legs
12x kip handles
Total weight in crate: 9.1kg