Sachtler Video 18P Fluid Head and Legs

The Sachtler Video 18P fluid head and legs is a strong and sturdy all round player. For shoots where you need to balance quick setup, easy transport, support and stability, this is the one for you! The Sachtler Video 18p is a two stage carbon tripod that can take a maximum payload of 18kg and has quick release legs and a 10mm bowl fluid head. It has a quick release camera plate and sliding balance platform which mean that once you’ve clicked your camera into place, the entire platform adjusts to balance your setup. Quick and easy and that’s just what you need!

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Sachtler 18P Tripod Specs

Sachtler 1800P Video 18 Plus Fluid Head.
Payload Range: 3 to 18Kg, (6 to 40lb)
Counter Balance: 5 Steps
Drag Grades: 7 Horizontal & 7 Vertical
Tilt Range: +/- 90 degrees
Bowl Size: 100mm

Sachtler 5390 ENG 2 Carbon Fibre Heavy Duty.
Payload: 95Kg (209lb)
Double Extension
Height: 55 to 161cm (21.7″ to 63.4″)
Transport Length: 75cm (29.5″)
Weight: 4Kg (8.8lb)
Sachtler 7004 Rubber Feet Set (x3)

Sachtler 7007 Mid Level Spreader
Span: 28-46cm (11-18.1″)
Weight: .75Kg (1.7lb)

Payload: 18Kg (38.7lb)
Weight: 8.6Kg (18lb)
Minimum Height: 67cm (26.4″)
Maximum Height: 168cm (66.1″)
Transport length: 89cm (35″)