TwinDolly Slider

The TwinDolly Slider is a heavyweight slider suited to any camera set up.

The TwinDolly functions in a similar way to a hi hat/low bowl with wheels, in an effective design. Together with its TwinTube rails, it has the same elements as a slider, but it’s more versatile and simple to set up than any other standard traditional slider.

The TwinTube is the name for the tracks that come with the TwinDolly. We provide 10ft as a standard set, but you can ask for an additional 14ft as an add on. The joints of the TwinTube slider mean that you only need a support for every other connection, so a quick setup is  guaranteed!

The TwinDolly can be equipped with all camerahead fittings, straight or under a slight slope. A tip protection prevents the camera and dolly from falling off the TwinTube and a rotating arm will prevent any cables from stumbling the wheels. The TwinDolly can also be used on the ground, on table tops or on a tripod set up.

Take a look at this video walkthrough of the TwinDolly Slider.

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TwinDolly Slider Specs

Max Pay Load: 80KG (when all joints are supported)
Has MOY fitting and option of 150mm bowl fitting
8.5ft effective travel length
Comes with 10ft standard length of track, with the option of adding on an additional 14ft