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Feral Big Body Rig

You asked us, so we built it. The Feral Big Body Rig for grown-up cameras – use it with an Alexa Mini, Red Helium or FX9 etc, to achieve that look back fixed shot of the operator.

The Feral Big Body Rig can take a payload of up to 6.5kg so you can safely stick a cinema camera on there and not have to worry. Utilising a strong back brace (those used in Moto MX), cleverly made into a fully supportive back/chest rig with connectors and a lightweight carbon pole tripod which extends out in front of you, the camera is mounted on a ball-head in and can be angled anyway you desire. Getting that perfect walk through-the-crowd shot has never been so easy!

  • Big Body Rig
  • 5x Allen Keys
  • 1x 3/8″Male Eyebolt
  • 2x Safety Chain
  • GoPro Tripod Mount 
  • 4x Spare Carbon Poles
Max. Payload

Up to 7Kg

Camera Size


Crew Required

2 People