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Feral Body Rig

Say hello to the Feral Body Rig! Designed to comfortably support compact cinema cameras such as the Arri Alexa Mini by spreading the weight over a larger surface area than previous rigs, whilst also maintaining a minimal footprint so that straps do not need to be hidden by wardrobe. The Feral Body Rig means freedom to frame, how you see fit.

We know each minute matters on set, that is why ease of use was our primary goal with this rig. The lightweight chest harness attaches securely via a quick release buckle and the articulating carbon fibre arms can now be attached to this chest harness via three quick release clamps. Then it’s as simple as choosing your angle, framing up, and tightening the lock-offs.

In a world that moves as quickly as ours, expandability is key. With an adjustable cheese plate securely mounted to its back, the Feral Body Rig can be expanded with V-Lock power distribution boxes, wireless transmission, and even a reverse mounting plate to capture angles from behind the wearer.

  • Feral Body Rig
  • 4x Allen Keys
  • 1x 3/8″ Eye Bolt, 1x 1/4″ Eye Bolt 
  • Safety Chain
Max. Payload

up to 6Kg

Camera Size


Crew Required

2 People