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Klassen FX Far-Out Rig

Here at Feral, we pride ourselves on having the most innovative solutions for the body rigs that you need for your shoot. Most of them we build ourselves, but when we see something we love that someone else has put together, we want to get involved. Presenting the Walter Klassen FX Far-Out Body Rig. Compatible with small and bigger cameras, such as the Alexa Mini, Red and Sony cameras.

The Klassen FX Far Out camera body mount is an innovative new camera system that allows the talent to shoot themselves. This provides for some truly unique shots with a virtually unlimited range of options.  Shoot from above, below, in front, behind or beside the with the same framing regardless of the talent’s movements.  Only one post that can be configured in a myriad of ways to keep it out of frame and the new vest is easier than ever to hide under wardrobe. The 1-1/2 inch aluminium tube is widely available and easy to source if extras are needed. Tubes supplied with the kit are anodised black.

  • Klassen Far-Out Body Rig
  • Small, Medium, Large and  Extra Large Klassen vests
  • Assorted Lengths of Scaff poles
  • 3x Square Bubble Spirit Levels
Max. Payload

Up to 10Kg

Camera Size


Crew Required

3 People