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RB Moose Bars

The Ronford-Baker Mose Bars are made of high-tensile aluminium and fitted with comfortable foam grip handles. The handles attach via rosettes that are adjustable in 6° increments, and can be locked into position. No tools are required for the successful setup of the bars, making it as a quick and easy a transition from tripod to shoulder as possible.

With either our simple or pro kit (with added extensions for even more setup options), you will be sure to have the best grip needed. Get in touch now to ask us about our kit and any other accessories you might need.

  • 15mm/19mm Crossbar 
  • 2x Handles
  • 2x Short Vertical Extension, 2x Long Vertical Extension
  • Threaded Width Extension Rosette
  • Width Extension Rosette
  • 90 Degree Rosette
  • Tubular Hand Grip Extension 
  • Shoulder Pad