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100mm Bowl Hi-Hat

If you need to get down and grab that low-angle shot then having a Bowl Hi-Hat in your arsenal is a must. With adjustable leg angles to mount the camera in the tightest or lowest of locations, you can really get in there when no other tripod allows for it and hand-held is not an option.

This 100mm bowl Hi-Hat really is a heavy-duty beast, able to handle anything up to around 20kg, so you can easily transfer your camera rig from other legs without worrying about weight. It has adjustable feet which are padded with rubber and handy foot holes, allowing the hi-hat to be screwed down to a piece of wood, table, box or a ladder, etc.

It is made from aluminium with Ø100mm half-bowl for pro-use. Get in touch now to add it to your kit list!

  • Manfrotto 100mm Bowl Hi-Hat 
  • Benro 100mm Bowl Hi-Hat 
  • Ronford Baker Hi-Hat 
Manfrotto 100mm Bowl Hi-Hat

Max. Load capacity: 20Kg
Max height: 19.5cm
Min height: 14.5cm
Weight: 2.7Kg

Benro 100mm Bowl Hi-Hat 

Load capacity: 100Kg
Max height: 28cm
Min height: 7.5cm
Weight: 1.6Kg

Ronford Baker Hi-Hat 

Load capacity: 110Kg
Height: 14cm
Weight: 3.1Kg