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Manfrotto 504HD

If you are looking for a sturdy but lightweight tripod, then the Manfrotto 504HD is the one for you! It has the perfect balance of design and performance. The bridge design improves the head’s rigidity and its PAN friction control is fast, simple to fine-tune and protected from knocks. All structural components are made from aluminium, with the PAN axis rotation unit using ball bearings to obtain smooth, totally vibration-free controlled movements that can be directly adjusted using the head’s FDS variable friction system. FDS on both the PAN and TILT axes also ensures that the head works perfectly at all temperatures, with all types of equipment and under all loads. The Manfrotto 504HD has been designed to offer a load capacity of up to 7.5kg (16.5lb) making it suitable for a huge range of camera equipment so you can rest assured that your rig will remain safe whilst in use!

Levelling the head is easy thanks to the 75mm diameter hemisphere and the back-lit bubble level. Two 3/8” threads on the top plate allow accessories (such as monitors and arms) to be directly and securely attached to the head, which helps cut down set-up time, keeps your camera hot shoe free and saves you from using another clamp.

Our 504HD comes with the ground spreader 546GB tripod but the head is suitable for all Manfrotto PRO series video tripods with mid-level or ground spreaders and for carbon fibre single-leg MPRO tripods. The 546GB legs’ telescopic mid-level spreader helps set leg angles accurately with secure and reliable locks Spiked feet with rubber overshoes are provided for solid grounding on both uneven terrain and smooth floors. The tripod can be used with various dollies.

  • Manfrotto 504HD Fluid Head
  • Pan Handle (2 part)
  • Manfrotto Aluminium Legs and Spreader


Max Load Capacity


Max. Height


Min. Height