Nikon AI Lens Set (7) [EF]

Looking to bring some of that vintage stills quality to your newest video project? We have a truly beautiful set of vintage Nikon AI lenses – the complete set have been professionally cine-modified with aluminium EF mounts, de-clicked smooth irises and custom fitted gear rings (for easier pulling of focus). A great way to add a bit of romantic texture to the modern sharp digital image. These are fantastic lenses which have been much-loved by photographers over the decades and continue to prove popular today, especially with the renaissance of the 35mm film photography. Why not give these a go and hark back to that analogue feeling! Or use them on your (or ours) Canon 5D and shoot some street photography with a vintage feel. We certainly love ’em!

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The Nikon Ai lenses in this set are the 20mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm,  85mm, 135mm and 180mm.

How about trying these on our Sony A7s mk iii?

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