Leica Summilux-R Lenses [EF]

There is perhaps no name like Leica when it comes to stills photography and the Leica R Summilux lens range is widely known and revered. Everyone lusts after that Leica camera and lens set and we get it – Leica glass it just fantastic. Not to be confined to just still photography, people are using them on video setups as a budget solution to some of the other very expensive prime lenses currently available.

The high quality of the R-lenses has arguably been at the centre of the stellar reputation of their SLR-system. The companies R-lenses were almost without exception highly regarded and consistently praised. This is that great vintage look on a budget. Our set of is comprised of 5 Leica R Summilux lenses – 19mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 80mm – these are all EF mounted and geared.

Want to use these on a mirrorless camera? These work very well with Sony A7S mk iii!

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Leica R Summilux Lens Specs

19mm F2.8 CF 12″      Leitz Wetzlar
24mm F2.8 CF 12″      Leitz Wetzlar
35mm F1.4 CF 20″      Summilux-r
50mm F1.4 CF 20″      Summilux-r
80mm F1.4 CF 2’8″     Summilux-r