Cooke Telepanchro – Taylor Hobson 317mm T4 Prime

The Taylor Hobson 317mm T4 is the perfect complement to our Cooke Speed Panchros. This 12 and a half inch prime lens offers unparalleled quality with warm image tones and a circular iris opening for a rounded bokeh.

Other similar qualities to the Cooke Speed Panchros include the characteristic breathing and outer third drop-off. This lens is so versatile that you can shoot wide open at T4 for a slight warm halo or stop down to T5.6 for a sharper rendition for that classic “Cooke look.”

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Taylor Hobson 317mm Lens Specs

PL Mount
Prime Lens
Manufacturer: “Rank, Taylor & Hobson”
Focal length: f’ 318.1 mm
Angle of view 2ω’: 4°55′
Effective relative aperture: f:nэ  1:4.2
Lens length: Σd 156 mm
Front focal length S: -483.8 mm
Back focal length S’: 103.2 mm
Flange focal distance Z: 52.1 mm
Block length B: 228 mm
Block max. diameter D: 108 mm
Rear diameter D’: 41 mm
Front element diameter d1: 79.5 mm
Rear element diameter d2: 33.4 mm
Distance from rear end of the housing to the focal plane : 33 mm
Frame size: 16×22 mm
Weight: 2.4 kg