Arri Ultra Prime 180mm Lens

Need a very narrow focal length cinema-y prime lens? Well Arri and Carl Zeiss have made one for you! Based on the latest in design methods, optical glass, and findings on suppression of reflexes and stray light, Carl Zeiss and its partner Arri have introduced a new generation of fast prime lenses, the Ultra Primes. The 180mm lens is one of these lenses. It is a lightweight standard speed lens that is the perfect optical match to the high speed Master Prime lenses and retains it’s excellent image quality even at close focus across the whole Super 35 frame.

This Arri Ultra Prime 180mm lens come with large, easy to read calibrated scales, a uniform diameter and position of focus and aperture drive ring. The optical performance is superb, even wide open. Floating elements keep the optical performance up all the way to the close-focusing limit and distortion is well controlled, as well as breathing.

The optical glass in this lens was especially selected to ensure unified colour characteristics. As the inventor of optical anti-reflex coating, Carl Zeiss however augments this with a T* multiple-layer anti-reflex coating system for individual lens surfaces, which is adapted so that the colour characteristics of the 180mm match that of the entire range lie close together with very narrow tolerances. Put simply: the Ultra Primes lenses are super colour-matched.

Get it with our full Arri Ultra Prime range and our 135mm Ultra Prime.

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Arri Ultra Prime 135mm Lens Specs

Type: Distagon T*
Aperture: T1.9 – T22
Close focus: 2.6m/8 1/2′
Length (lens mount to front): 166mm/6.5″
Horizontal angle of view, ANSI Super 35, l’=12.45mm: 7.9°
Horizontal angle of view, DIN Super 35, l’=12.45mm: 7.6°
Horizontal angle of view, Normal 35, l’=11.00mm: 7.0°
Front diameter: 114mm/4.5″
Weight : 2.6kg/5.7lbs